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Road Traffic Defence



These days we are inundated with regulation and a target driven approach to road

traffic policing.  We know that for many people a driving licence is priceless and

that a disqualification can lead to catastrophic consequences in their private and

professional lives.



Road traffic offences are a complex area of law.  We know that it is confusing and can seem hopeless when facing what can seem as an unjustified road traffic prosecution. The stakes are high and if you are facing prosecution you need the right advice and robust representation at court.  Whatever the allegation we have the expertise and tactical know how to help you.   

We listen, we act, we defend and we get results.  We won't let you down.

We provide expert and robust representation and can deal with all road traffic offences in Scotland including:-

- Careless Driving 

- Construction & Use Offences 

- Dangerous Driving  

- Drink Driving & Drunk in Charge 

- Driving Uninsured  

- Failure to Identify a Driver 

- HGV & PCV Drivers & Offences


 - Mobile Phone Offences

 - New Drivers

 - Notice of Intended Prosecution

 - Penalty Points & Totting-Up

 - Running a Red Light

 - Speeding Offences

 - Traffic Sign Offences




Your initial, no obligation consultation with us is always free of charge.  We are registered with the Scottish Legal Aid Board and we can advise you on your eligibility to receive legal aid funding for your defence.

Should you be ineligible for legal aid funding, our commitment to our private paying clients is that a top quality legal defence service should be affordable.  Our fees are transparent, very reasonable and extremely competitive.  

Our fees in road traffic prosecutions generally take the form of a fixed fee which is agreed with you at the start.  There are no hidden extras and you can even spread the cost of your defence over the lifetime of your case. 



If you have legal expenses insurance protection that covers the cost of your defence in a road traffic prosecution you do not have to use your insurer's panel solicitors.  You do have a choice.  Please bear in mind that the ability to choose your own solicitor is rarely publicised by insurance companies.  You can instruct us to defend you in any road traffic matter and your insurer should respect your wishes.  



If you have received a notice of intended prosecution, or if you have been

charged with a road traffic offence, or think you are going to be contact us now

on 0141 772 5344 (24 hours).  It is never too soon to call us.