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Regulatory Defence and Business Crime


Companies, businesses, company directors, and sole traders can inadvertently become involved in a crime in the course of their business in many different ways.   There is a huge amount of legislation affecting businesses that it is almost impossible for small businesses to remain compliant. 



Regulatory authorities are far more pro-active these days and businesses face intense scrutiny from these regulators and the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, who are aggressively pursuing those suspected of committing regulatory and business crimes. 



The financial and reputational damage that a regulatory or business crime conviction can have on a business can be severe.



We have substantial experience in defending clients facing investigations by many regulatory authorities including the Health & Safety Executive, Local Authorities, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, the Gambling Commission, the Security Industry Authority, the Marine & Coast Guard Agency, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency and Trading Standards. 



We will take effective and decisive action to pro-actively advance your case and protect your position at every stage.  We will guide you through the complex legal minefield and fight your case every step of the way.



We can assist you with any regulatory and business crime issue including:-



  - Enforcement notices


  - Criminal investigations and prosecutions


  - Bribery and corruption


  - Professional regulation and disciplinary proceedings


  - Health & Safety offences


  - Environmental offences


  - Trading Standards offences



With our intervention many investigations can be resolved at an early stage through negotiation without the need for formal criminal proceedings, leaving your reputation intact. The earlier we are contacted, the better.





If a regulatory authority or the police want to interview you, or if you have been charged with a regulatory or business crime, or think you are going to be contact us now on 0141 772 5344.  It is never too soon to call us.