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Selection of Client Testimonials 2019/2020


"Absolute professional service with excellent guidance from start to finish. The manner in which my case was handled by Greg Smith was outstanding and would highly recommend his services to anyone requiring a legal defence in road traffic offences." – K.W., Dumfries

"Thank you for all your help and support with regards to my recent court trial.  I genuinely thought you did a fantastic job and no one could have done any better. I was very impressed with the way you put my case forward." – G.H.,  Glasgow

"I would just like to thank Greg Smith for taking on my case of dangerous driving and getting my case dismissed.  This was a fantastic result. Also helped by the fact that Greg always kept me up to date and nothing was too much trouble.  I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone and if the need arises, I won't hesitate to use him again."  – S.O., - Paisley

"For prospective clients, I can confirm and endorse the integrity and professionalism of Greg Smith. His lateral thinking and experience in his field of expertise has certainly been of benefit to both my business and family and I would have no hesitation in using his services again in the future."   – A.C., Dunfermline

"Mr Greg Smith acted for our business with regard to a long standing dispute which was in the process of going to court, within one hour of being in possession of the relevant paperwork Mr Smith negotiated a settlement which was to the benefit of my business.    I would not hesitate to recommend Montgomery Smith Solicitors for any legal issues you may have." -  P.K., Bishopbriggs 

"Hi Greg, just to say thanks for all you have done re my case very pleased with the result and will be pleased to recommend you to anyone in the future thanks again." - J.M., Biggar

"Greg, I am absolutely delighted with the result today and I could not be more praiseworthy of your professionalism, your attention to detail and your constant reassurances throughout a period which I found a real strain and concern. From 

start to finish you have been a great source of hope and ultimately of success. Best Wishes and thanks again." – B.M., Glasgow

"Greg just wanted to say the services provided by you were excellent.  I'm very grateful for how understanding and patient you were with me you also made everything that was going on crystal clear and never gave up.  Thank you ever so much."  - J.V., Glasgow

"Thank you very much for appearing in court for me today. I am very pleased with the result I think it was the best outcome of a very bad situation and everything was toned down considerably making everything sound a lot better than what was on paper. I must also mention that you gave me a better understanding of what was going on and what action we could have taken in comparison to my previous lawyer, who really kept me in the dark. I am happy with my decision to replace my previous lawyer with yourself I think It certainly lessened the charge considerably and it paid off." - M.E., Edinburgh

"I found the service at Montgomery Smith to be empathetic, reassuring and proactive. Ultimately achieving the positive and amazing outcome we had hoped for. Thanks again Greg." - G.D., Ayr

"Thanks Greg for the brilliant job you did in defending me on the trumped up racial harrassment charges I was facing.  My original lawyer told me to plead guilty.  When you took over my case I knew I had made the right decision to contact you and I cannot thank you enough for agreeing to take on my case.  You proved in court that I did not do what I was accused of and I am over the moon to have been found not guilty at my trial.  Nothing was too much trouble for you and you kept me updated on all developments throughout a very anxious time for me.  I have recommended you to all my friends if they ever need a great criminal lawyer."  - J.N., Glasgow

"Thanks for all your hard work and the amazing job you did for me in court.  I thought that I would have no chance to defeat the charge.  They said I did it but thanks to you I was found innocent." - A.T., Motherwell

"Many thanks for all your help.  You were fantastic and I am so pleased to have been found not guilty of a breach of the peace.  I was really stressed throughout the time it took for my case to get to court and cannot thank you enough for getting me such a great result at court." - A.K., Paisley

"A massive thank you to Greg at Montgomery Smith for winning my case.  His friendly and professional manner no doubt played a huge part in securing this outcome.  Thank you Greg!" - E.M., Glasgow

"Thanks for getting me off the speeding charge I was facing.  I knew that I wasn't speeding and you proved it in court.  It was a very stressful time for me and I had given up hope before I spoke to you.  What an amazing result.  Thanks again.  I cannot recommend your firm enough." - P.R., Glasgow

"Montgomery Smith Solicitors and Greg Smith is who you want and need if you require a top class defence service. They always tells you the truth with no court jargon to confuse you.  I had a fabulous service and highly recommend them." - A.D., Glasgow

"May I take this opportunity to both thank and applaud you on your work for myself. You held me in great faith and I never once doubted your expertise" - B.C., Glasgow.

"Thanks for getting me a brilliant not guilty result in court. I knew I was in safe hands with you." - K.J., Wishaw.

"Thank you very much for defending me in my recent domestic case.  You helped me through one of the most difficult periods of my life.  You always had time form me and I really appreciate that.  I can't thank you enough for getting me acquitted. Simply outstanding." - C.L., - Bishopbriggs.

"Thanks again for all your help with my case and in keeping me calm throughout the year when this case was hanging over my head.  You were very thorough and efficient in the preparation of my case. A great advocate that got me the right result on the day.  Always able to speak to you at any time of the day." - D.M., Kilsyth

"Thank you Mr Smith for all that you did for me in my case.  I knew that I had made the right decision in coming to see you.  You answered all my quesions and never let me down.  A drink driving conviction would have ruined my life.  You secured my acquittal and I will always be grateful." - S.M., Glasgow

"First rate service. Very friendly and straight forward advice. Always kept in touch to provide all updates and developments in my case. I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer who went the extra mile to ensure the best possible result.  Thanks Greg." - D.B., - Glasgow

"Thank you very much for getting me off the drink driving charge I was facing.  I was dreading the trial.  You never lost faith in my case and I still cannot believe I was acquitted. You were amazing." - S.S., Glasgow 

"Thanks for all your help Greg.  You got me an awesome result at court today -  not guilty.  My original lawyer had told me to plead guilty!  When you took over my case you gave me great hope.  It was like you believed in me and what I was saying.  You kept me informed all the way through and always answered your phone when I called your mobile.  Nothing was too much trouble for you.  Thanks for the amazing job you did for me in court.  My licence and job were saved because of you!" - W.A., Glasgow

"Thank you Greg for proving to the court that I did not commit the assaults that I was accused of.  You were fantastic.  I will recommend you to all my friends." K.T., Glasgow

"Thanks for saving my driving licence and my job Greg.  You were amazing.  I thought that I would be banned for sure but thanks to you I am still on the road." B.A., - Glasgow

"You were brilliant in court today Greg.  Thanks again for all your help.  I am very happy to have been found not guilty.".  B.K., - Glasgow

"I knew when I met you Greg that you were the lawyer for me.  You seemed to really know your stuff and were always contactable.  I can't thank you enough for getting me a not guilty in court.  Thanks again." A.U., - Bishopbriggs 

"Hey Greg, just to thank you again for getting me a not guilty... You tore the case apart and for that I am gratefully happy...  Even the coppers shook your hand outside afterwards lol! Great job..."  A.S., - Paisley

"Thank you so much for getting me off the charges I was facing Greg.  You were amazing.  You believed in me and never gave up.  You were brilliant and guided me through a very stressful part of my life.  I can move on now knowing that I was not guilty.  Thanks again for all that you did for me."  D.F., - Bishopbriggs

"Greg Smith completely tore them apart and got the result that we rightfully deserved. Could not be happier thank you so much..."  J.M., - Bishopbriggs

"Greg thanks for all your help.  I am a really happy woman." S.M., - Livingston

"I cannot find enough superlatives to describe the efficiency and professionalism shown by my solicitor, Mr Greg Smith. I had found myself in a situation whereby I required legal representation after a situation resulted in myself being detained by police. Having no experience in dealing with court procedure I was blessed that Mr Smith was my solicitor. Mr Smith was the consummate professional throughout the 18 month ordeal, where the case had originally been a summary matter but had been escalated to a jury trial. As you may imagine, having no dealings with criminal procedure prior to this, and with a now more serious case pending against me, I was anxious to say the least. My solicitor however, was always available throughout for support and advice. When eventually the case went to trial, the odds were stacked against me, and at times it felt that the charges set upon me were insurmountable. The Crown had collectively brought together a case which consisted of evidence provided by six different witnesses and sources. As the defendant, I was the only witness to deny the case and refute the charges. During the trial Mr Smith was always calm and collected, whilst always keeping me informed of the direction the case was going. He also had the belief in me that I had my own version of events to tell and that it should be listened to. It was still a bleak outlook, facing uncertainty in an unfamiliar situation, yet Mr Smith constantly reassured me. I was faced by, on the face of it, an extremely difficult jury selection yet I was, as always, given confidence by Mr Smith.  I write this testimony, not one day after the trial has closed and I am eternally grateful that due to the endeavours of Mr Smith, I was found not guilty of all charges. I cannot commend Mr Greg Smith highly enough. I hope that I should never again be in a situation whereby I should require legal representation, however if this had to arise, the first call to be me made, would be to Mr Greg Smith of Montgomery Smith Solicitors." D.F., - Hamilton

"You were amazing Greg.  I still cannot believe the result that you got me. Many thanks for all of your hard work." S.K., - Glasgow

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Greg Smith for the quite brilliant job you did on my case.   You were always availalbe - even outside normal working hours and nothing was ever too much trouble for you.   I am so glad that I picked up the phone and called your number.  You literally saved my life."  S.M., - Bishopbriggs

"You were awesome.  You were always available and took the time to answer all of my questions.  Thanks again for the #notguilty result you got for me." - J.L., - Kirkintilloch

"You did exactly what you said you would do.  Many thanks for taking on my case and getting me off those terrible charges" K.M., - Glasgow.

"Greg just a note to thank you for getting me acquitted of dangerous driving and a breach of the peace.  You saved my life and my licence."  B.W., - Greenock

"When I was charged with drink driving my whole world came to an end.  Thanks to you Greg I am innocent and will always be grateful for the amazing job you did for me.  I still can't believe what happended in court.  You were amazing." K.K., - Kilsyth

"Greg Smith of Montgomery Smith is who you want in your corner if you have been charged with a crime.  He is an outstanding lawyer who always had my back. #Notguilty Greg.  Thanks very much." L.M., - Bishopbriggs

"Greg, I wanted to thank you for your service, support and guidance over the past 18 months or so.  Dealing with the Criminal Justice System is bewildering and, frankly quite traumatic and I am pleased that I engaged you to deal with my case.  I found your honest and clear advice coupled with your knowledge and straightforward approach to be both refreshing and helpful - I certainly won't hesitate to recommend your services to others or seek your advice should the need arise again." G.H., - Bishopbriggs